EU Synergies

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To develop a comprehensive school-based intervention for kindergartners at risk for school failure, we are collaborating with several European partners with specific skills and knowledge about self-regulation in typical and atypical development. Four research groups are working on specific aspects and populations with the general aim of developing a flexible and extensive programme that use different kinds of tools (e.g. paper-based activities, games, computer based trainings), promote the development of different cognitive skills (e.g. inhibitory control, cognitive flexibility, working memory) and is sensitive to the characteristics of each target population. This collaboration will lead to apply the interventions developed by each research group in the schools of different countries by adapting each part of the programme so that it can be used by teachers with different cultural backgrounds and in different school settings.

Our principal aim is to develop a program that may meet the specific needs of different populations of children.

Our partners:

Main area of expertise: development of executive function and attention in typical and atypical child development.

Main area of expertise: education and research in special education, executive functions in children with language impairment.

  • Centre For Family Research, University of Cambridge (UK)

Multidisciplinary centre of research on families with an international reputation.

Main area of expertise: cognitive and social development, in particular in “hard-to-manage” preschoolers.